About the Franchise Center

The Franchise Center was established based on a Council of Ministers’ Resolution (No. 122, dated 9/2/1441 AH), that was issued to fulfill several tasks aimed at reinforcing the franchise concept among individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enabling them to adopt it, which results in the expansion of brands and an increase in investment opportunities, contributing to the achievement of Saudi Vision 2030.

To make the Saudi Franchise sector a regional pioneer and to make the Franchise Center a trusted source for all franchising brands.

Providing a supportive and enabling environment for brands' businesses, contributing to the rise of franchise units' success rates and the expansion of franchisors both locally and globally.

- Reinforcing and activating the franchise sector.
- Increasing the number of local franchisors.
- Increasing the number of franchisees and franchise units.
- Rising franchise units' success rates.
- Rising the number of local brands in the global markets.

Areas of Work
• Increasing knowledge and fostering the adoption of franchising culture.
• Streamlining and assisting franchise businesses through cooperation with relevant organizations.
• Providing access to data, research, studies, and statistics pertaining to the franchise industry.
• Offering a one-stop shop platform that serves as a comprehensive central hub for franchise-related services, programs, and

Work Tracks
• The track of collaboration with related entities.
• The track of support for enterprises and individuals.
• The track of raising awareness and promoting franchising culture.
• The track of knowledge and skills capability building.

The Role of Franchising in Saudi Vision 2030
• Contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
• Creation of new job opportunities in various sectors.