Franchise Manager

Franchise Manager

The service aims to develop and support franchising brands by qualifying and developing the capabilities of their franchise managers to ensure adherence to the franchise model. Furthermore, the service aims to establish and launch a franchise management department by providing training and advisory support to their employees

Service objectives

Analyze the brands needs to ensure sustainability of franchise model

Improve the capabilities and competencies of franchise managers

Enable franchise managers to develop franchise systems and tools

Developing the mechanism to effectively manage franchise units

Service Terms and Conditions

Brand must be Saudi

Operational brand for at least two years

Minimum of two operational branches

Having a business model.

Having an organizational structure.

Priority for targeted sectors.


Any individual with good communication skills and assumes one of the following roles: 

A. Operations/Operation Manager

B. Quality Manager

C. Marketing Manager

D. Training Manager

E. Financial Manager 

Qualifying and building the franchise manager’s capacity to ensure that he/she works according to the franchise model, which contributes to business sustainability.

The duration is decided after reviewing the documents, meeting with the brand owners and determining their needs.

Consultations and support continue to be provided to beneficiary brands as needed.

Yes, the service can be provided to any employee according to the brand’s needs.

  1. The brand must be Saudi.
  2. Have two branches or more.
  3. The brand meets the requirements of the Commercial Franchise Law and its Executive Regulations.

How to Obtain the Service


Submit a request for the service


Provide all required documents


Application review


Request acceptance


Start of service

Join the Service

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