Check Brand's Readiness for Franchise Service

Check Brand's Readiness for Franchise Service

A comprehensive service dedicated to supporting both local and international brands. We assess their adherence to regulations, ensure compliance, and evaluate their readiness to be granted franchises. This initiative enhances the overall quality and reliability of investment opportunities, by actively supporting their expansion.

Service Terms and Conditions

Franchise granting by practicing business model for at least one year

Expansion and proving the brand's success and stability

Local brands: Must have two branches, each completed one year

Submit all documents completed in Arabic

The required documents

Disclosure Document

Franchise Agreement

Operational forms and manuals

Financial statement (if desired)

Provide all required documents in Arabic

documents requested by the consultant


Companies that own a brand name or brand, whether for a product or a distinguished service, and that have innovated and developed their own business activity, business models and conform to the franchise granting conditions according to the Saudi Franchise Law. The Law requires that franchise business must be conducted according to the franchise business model for a period of not less than one year by two persons or in at least two different sale outlets. The franchise length as well as the number of branches and regions enhance the strength of the brand.

It enables franchisors to promote their own franchise opportunities free of charge, thereby facilitating the search process and enabling entrepreneurs or interested entities to receive financial support from financers.

Any person or company that is administratively and financially qualified and conforms to the acceptance criteria determined by the franchisor and is willing to pay/finance the franchise fees and project cost. The franchise fee is paid in exchange for the brand's goodwill, as well as the necessary experience and know-how obtained to run the business, in addition to franchisor's ongoing technical support during the agreement period.

Take advantage of the Franchise Center's assistance, which includes coaching and training, as well as the potential of incorporating the brand in the Franchise Ambition Program to boost the brand's adoption of the franchise model.

The brand's readiness for granting a franchise is verified by checking all aspects (technical, administrative, legal, and marketing) to ensure the quality of the brand's presentation and investment opportunities on the platform.

  1. Having at least 2 branches
  2. Operating the business for at least one year from the date of opening the second branch.
  3. Having comprehensive operation manuals.
  4. Having a Franchise disclosure document.
  5. Having a Franchise agreement. 
  1. Verification of the brand's readiness to grant a franchise. 
  2.  Motivating local and international brands to showcase their franchise opportunities in the local      market.
  3.  Marketing the brands displayed on the Franchise Center platform and linking them with   potential franchisees.  
  4. Marketing local brands to expand internationally and offering investment opportunities to entrepreneurs.

Trademarks that meet the requirements of the Franchise Law and its Implementing Regulations and were previously ready for granting or have already been granted a franchise, their readiness is verified before publishing them on the Franchise Center Platform.

1. Connect brands with potential investors.

2. Brand marketing. 

3. Participation in local, regional, and global events.

4. Linking the brand with the Social Development Bank; To obtain financing for franchisees and publishing on the Social Development Bank Platform.

5. The Franchise Center provides technical, operational, and legal support to brands to provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct  business by the best practices.


How to Obtain the Service


Sign in as a franchisor


Submission of the application


Provide all required documents


Attend evaluation sessions


Completion of the evaluation and promotion of the brand in the Platform

Check Brand's Readiness &Brand published

Verify the brand's readiness for franchise &display their opportunity

Check Brand's Readiness For Franchise

Verify the brand's readiness franchise without promoting franchises.